Radiance on screen


Contemporary films that promote Australia as a multicultural country is being screened at the Russian Culture Centre from September 2-7 as part of the Australian Film Roadshow.

Rachel Perkins’ Radiance will be screened on September 4. It is a screen adaptation of Louis Nowra’s stage play and the emotional territory it embraces is powerful enough to make one forget anything but the fate of the three women at its heart. Three daughters meet after a long separation after the death of their mother. May, the oldest (Trisha Morton evans) returns before the other two to look after their mother who is suffering from advanced senility. And she’s bitter. So is middle daughter Cressy (Rachel Maza) who has carved out a successful international career as an opera singer. These two were taken away their mother and raised in institutions, unlike Nora (Deborah Mailman), who was raised on the family home. The women have three different fathers. Their mother was famously promiscuous. As they unravel the sadnesses of their lives in a mix of cynicism and black humour, pain bubbles to the surface. The show starts at 5:30 pm. Free passes available at the Australian embassy, Himalayan Java and Jeans Café.