Radiohead releasing long-awaited album

NEW YORK: After months of cryptic signals, Radiohead has finally announced a May 8 release for the band’s long-awaited ninth album. |

The British experimental rockers on May 6 released a dark second single, entitled Daydreaming, with a message on their website, “Taken from our album released digitally Sunday”.

Radiohead revealed little else, including the title, but the band was expected to unveil an album shortly as the rockers open a tour of select cities on May 20.

In one shift for Radiohead, it released Daydreaming and the first single, Burn The Witch, on streaming services including Spotify despite frontman Thom Yorke’s long criticism of the companies’ compensation to artistes.

It remains to be seen if the entire album will be available through streaming. The upcoming album will be Radiohead’s first since 2011’s The King of the Limbs, which played with traditional song structure by using as a base a loop of previously recorded music.