Rahul Khanna rubbishes ‘suicide’ rumours


I’m not dead, insists Bollywood actor Rahul Khanna.

Khanna was forced to declare the obvious after greatly exaggerated rumours of his death by suicide flew through India’s film industry.

“This is really absurd and an irresponsible rumour,” Khanna told the Times of India newspaper in an interview published on August 26.

According to Khanna the story probably spread after he stopped taking calls recently after he developed a throat infection and lost his voice.

“I would like to assure all my well-wishers that I’m fine. Don’t believe all these silly rumours,” said the actor, who comes from one of Bollywood’s best known families and is thought of as an up and coming actor.

He has starred in Bollywood/Hollywood and Earth: 1947. His father, Vinod Khanna, was a popular action hero in the 1970 and 1980s. His elder brother Akshaye Khanna is known for playing strong character roles and won praise for his comedic parts in two recently released movies, 36 China Town and Shaadi Se Pehle.