Ramu’s Gabbar is ‘suave, urbane, elegant’


He exudes terror, but he doesn’t live in a secluded ravine. The Gabbar Singh that Amitabh Bachchan plays in Ram Gopal Varma’s Sholay is suave, urbane and elegant. The bandit transforms into a devious gangster in Ramu’s version of the movie. The shooting began last week in Mumbai and Bachchan’s scenes were the first to be canned.

In Ramu’s Sholay, Gabbar Singh operates from within a city and yet the cops are not able to catch him. He is a devious, elusive character who wields a scorpion-headed stick instead of the leather belt that Amjad Khan carried in the original movie. Gabbar in Ramu’s movie is in touch with international gangsters. And he kills his enemies mercilessly.

Ramu says that seeing Bachchan play Gabbar Singh just for a few days of shooting has taken away all the awe Amjad had on him. Ramu will also make his Gabbar sing a few lines in Mehbooba Mehbooba.

Bachchan himself has said he is pleasantly surprised to see Ramu’s interpretation of the movie and the characters in it.