Ranbir does a Rishi


Almost 34 years after Rishi Kapoor dropped his towel to expose his bare behind to the camera and an embarrassed Aroona Irani in his debut film Bobby, his son Ranbir has done the same in his first movie Saawariya.

The unexpected occurs during the course of a song Jab se tere naina shot with the debutant hero waltzing in a towel.

However, Ranbir feels no awkwardness about the shot. “It’s a song where a guy is celebrating love when he comes out of a bath. So many of us have danced in a towel in our bedrooms. What’s the big deal if it slips off? I did exactly what the character was required to do,” Ranbir said.

“If my father could do it for his father in the conservative 1970s why can’t I do the same in this day and age when everything is out in the open? And that too for a film by Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali who, according to me and my family, is the true inheritor of Raj Kapoor’s legacy,” he added.

Interestingly, Ranbir’s mom Neetu Singh finds her son’s towel number very cute.