Ranvir on eating binge to get fat


The otherwise lean Ranvir Sheorey, known for his superb comic timing, can do anything for his close friend, actor-director Rajat Kapoor — even if it means putting on almost 15 kg! “I weighed 72 kg earlier. But now I have turned 85 kg,” Ranvir said.

“Putting on weight has been the toughest thing of my life.

Basically, I am a thin person and it has been really difficult to put on so much weight. So nowadays I only eat and don’t exercise,” he said.

Ranvir, whose current diet comprises lots of potatoes, bananas and beer, has taken the risk of adding those extra pounds just for Rajat’s upcoming film A Rectangular Love Story. “I have done this only for Rajat and that is because nobody gives me roles like he does,” Ranvir added.

Ranvir’s role requires him to look fat throughout the film and he has been working towards it for “almost four and a half months”. Even though he had no apprehensions about putting

on weight for the movie, he is now beginning to think about how long it’ll take him to get back into shape.

“People keep telling me that it would take twice the amount of time that I have taken to put on this fat to finally lose it,” he said.

So is Rajat happy and satisfied with Ranvir’s weight gain for the look that he wants? “Not really. My body type is basically not suited to be fat. So it is taking me all the more time to put on weight. And now Rajat wants me to put on some more.”

A little inquisitiveness into his rumoured relationship with actress Konkona Sen Sharma and he retorts, “I don’t discuss my personal life.” — HNS