MUMBAI: Ageless Bollywood actress Rekha, who has often refused to do television in the past and is still against blogging, says the need to connect with fans has finally prompted her to step on to the small screen.

“I know I have said many times in the past I won’t do television,” said Rekha. “But there’s a demand for me to be on television. So, yes, I’m finally taking the plunge.”

But she isn’t divulging her precise plans for the home medium.

“I’ve already formulated what I want to do. It’s nothing that has been seen on television before. No talk show or game show for me, thanks. It’s something entirely unique. But until I decide on the channel and other details, I’d like to keep it under wraps. As you know this world is filled with clones, copycats and wannabes,” Rekha said.

What about blogging as a means of communicating with fans? “I’m computer illiterate. I believe the internet has got every photograph and every detail of my life. But no blogging for me, thank you.

“I feel, why go through four hours of agonising notes, six hours of censoring and deleting, and then to go through the heartbreak of having it appear and have people pounce on you. I don’t have the time for that,” Rekha said.

She rues the era of instant communication.

“The irony is we’ve become accessible to everyone except to ourselves. That connect with the self is being lost in today’s world. The internet doesn’t connect you to yourself. Why is everyone looking for answers outside the world?”

But Rekha admires Amitabh Bachchan’s blogging skills.

“He pours his soul into his roles, and now into his blog. He deserves so much more. We should stop questioning his professional decisions. If we stop questioning him, mera jeevan safal ho jayega (my life will be successful).”