I remember the day clearly. It was the 25th Foundation Day of our school and I was part of the troupe that was supposed to give a performance. It was also the day that I would be saying goodbye to my schooldays.

But for some reason (I didn’t know what then), my father prohibited me from performing at my school’s silver jubilee celebrations.

Though I really didn’t want to, I informed my dance teacher, dancing partners and all my friends that I would not be taking part in the performance. Everyone thought I was joking, but I was serious. They tried to convince me and to reconsider my decision, but I stood firm because for me my father is more important than everything and everyone else. I wanted to and still do what my father wished.

But I have just appeared for my SLC and like any other teenager, I want to make friends, spend time with them and have fun. In our group of eight, three of us were girls and the rest boys and we were all a very tight group. We were always there for each other and we would have done anything for each other.

But that day when I came home, my father told me that he would prefer it if I did not participate in the function. I was shocked. I didn’t know why he was taking such a harsh step and that too for no apparent reason. Then I came to know that my teacher had called and told my father some things about me. It was mainly my friendship with the boys that had landed me here. From that day onwards, I was not allowed to talk with boys.

I don’t know how many of you will react, but there are many people in our society who think like my father. And what is so amazing is that even a teacher thinks in this way. There are many like them who fail to understand that friendship is the most pure relationship in this world. I agree that we are perhaps not as mature as our parents and elders and do not even possess the knowledge to decide what is right and what is not for ourselves. But I never intended to hurt our parents. I wish my father had just talked to me before reaching whatever conclusions he reached and took such an action that it hurt me a lot.

If any of you reading this article thinks like my father, then please try to stop because whatever we have learnt, we learnt it from you. To suspect us is to suspect yourself.

And Daddy, if you are reading this then please believe me, I would never do anything to hurt you or your pride. All I want is for you to believe in me.