RELATIONSHIPS: Building friendships via SMS


When I got the SIM card for my cell phone, I immediately remembered one of my friends. This guy was always talking about the girls and his many “temporary” girlfriends.

I was (and still is) my good friend, but I wanted to take him for a ride because I didn’t like the way he dominated girls at times. So I planned to send him bluff SMS-es. Since no one except for two of by friends had my number, it was easy.

Between three of us, we decided to pull his leg. Thus, the game began.

On April 1 of this year, I sent him the first message. He messaged back asking me to give my introduction or stop sending him messages.

I chose the latter, but after three days he messaged me. And thus our SMS-friendship then gained continuity, which lasted for another 35 days.

During those 35 days, I received many messages from him. Some were emotional, some painful, and some filled with sympathy.

He wanted to know if I knew him. I lied, but I became curious to find out how he felt about me a complete stranger to whom he had come close through SMS.

He wanted to talk to me, but I was afraid he’d recognised my voice and asked him we couldn’t. Then one day I said yes. He didn’t recognised that it was me on the phone.

However, I was also a little guilty duping him in this way. So when he asked whether we could meet, I said yes. I was a little apprehensive of this meeting.

We were friends and I didn’t know how he would take my joke.

He came alone, and the first word out of my mouth was, “Sorry.” Slowly he laughed hardly believing that the girl with whom he’d been messaging for the last one month was me. We spent three hours chatting about this. I never believed that my April 1 joke would end in such a fantastic way.

We are still good friends even today and will always have something to chuckle over always.

Today all my friends have my cell number. However, April 1 will forever hold a special place in my heart.