Every body has his or her own definition of friendship. And everyone is right in his or her own ways. Friendship is a blessing. Friends are as precious as rubies, as rare as diamonds and as pure as pearls. Disagreements, of course, arise but these help to strengthen our relationship. But sometimes, things become irreparable, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Life gives us many friends. But only a special few remain in our hearts forever.

I have many friends, but there was one boy who was the best friend I ever had. We were very close to each other. He could comfort me with just a few words. I felt blessed to have a friend like him. We shared all our joys and sorrows.

And then just like that his attitude started changing. He started behaving in an extremely rude manner and I almost broke down. It’s been a year since I last met him. I don’t know where he is and what he is doing.

I know he’s far away but my good wishes will always be with him. I still don’t know what happened that made him change, and if I ever meet him, the only thing I’ll ask him is “Why did you change?”