I met her for the first time in college and instantly fell in love with her. Though I was seeing her for the first time, I felt like I had known her for years.

However, as the days, months and years went by, I never had the courage to, let alone propose, even speak to her. But though my every heart beat was for her, she was ignorant about this.

Whenever, we used to see her sitting alone, my friends used to nudge me to seize the moment and express my undying love for her.

I dared to do it, but always hesitated in the end.

But then time and tide wait for no one and I feared that time was running out on us as it was already our last year in campus. If I could not express my love that year, it meant that I would never speak to her again. So, on one particular day, I handed her a piece of paper filled with words expressing my love for her.

She went without reading it, not even uttering a single word.

The next day, I waited restlessly for her in the campus, wondering what would her reply be. However, she came and passed me by without even giving me a glance. My heart was broke into pieces.

After the classes got over, I went to collect my bag. I saw a piece of folded paper beneath my bag. It was her confession of love. I was elated. She had also been in love with me for a long time, but had wanted me to take the first step.

Thanks to that piece of paper, I got my life together. We are getting married soon. Wish us a happy married life.