Relationships: Lost and all alone

Santosh Acharya


Friendship is the feeling of mutual regard and attachment among persons who come in contact with one another in life. Like to like is the law that governs friendship. Life is full of ups and downs and we need friends at all times. Thus, friends are an inseparable part of our lives. My friendship with Aakash started when I was living in Panauti while I was studying at Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute. At that time I used to live in a quarter in front Aakash’s house. Being neighbours we became fast friends. Although he was a few years older than me, we shared the same tastes and ideas.

Although he had failed in the SLC exam he never gave up hope. He was determined to pass it the coming year. He was an excellent barber as well and he passed his days by working in his own salon. After I school hours we used to wander around the Gorak-hnath Hill. We enjoyed gossiping on serious and sometimes funny subjects. The view of the Himalayas and the Panauti Valley from the summit of Gora-khnath Hill was astounding. Every Saturday we used to go to Roshi River to wash our clothes and to take a bath. Aakash was an excellent swimmer. Once I almost drowned in the deep Khopasi pond. It was Aakash who saved me. We were so close to each other that we never hid anything from each other. As I am a little poetic I used to recite some of my poems to him.

Our friendship established a very good and close relation between our families also. We were such fast friends that we were ready to sacrifice anything for the other if the need arose. Mutual understanding, toleration and the willingness to forgive are the best qualities that I found in him. His friendship rendered prosperity more brilliant and made adversity more bearable. We both were great medicines for each other for all the ills of life. His counsel, his sympathy and his help lightened my anxieties. Although we faced many problems, obstacles and deceptions we solved them together, tactfully.

One day when I was returning to home from the school I saw a big crowd in front of Aakash’s house. I grew frightened. Someone was weeping. I walked quickly to the spot. There a sight greeted me beyond my worst nightmare. I saw the dead body of my beloved friend Aakash. I was told that Aakash had been run over by a bus. That scene pierced my heart and mind. I felt as if someone had poured boiling hot water on me. My sight was blurred with tears and my ears were ringing. I felt paralysed and suffocated. I was shattered and heartbroken. Every part of my body went numb. No matter how hard I cried my friend didn’t come to wipe my tears. I asked God why He had taken my friend and what his fault was but the statue remained silent.

Now although I have many friends I am still alone for I haven’t found my Aakash. I will always remember him. He lives in my heart and the memories we made are forever fresh in my mind. I don’t understand why he was taken away but I pray to God that his departed soul may rest in peace.