Relationships: More than friends, yet...


I saw her for the first time at Hanumandhoka last year. She was taking photographs with a tiny camera. She was the most beautiful foreigner I’d ever seen. I could help but keep looking at her.

I saw her again a few days later. She was wearing a pink top (my favourite colour). She looked a bit confused and kept looking at the map of Kathmandu. I approached her to offer my assistance.

“Can you tell me how I can reach Hotel Summit. It looks like my team has left me.”

Those were the first words ever spoken to me and I will never forget those.

My reply was instant. “Don’t worry. I will drop you to the hotel safely.”

And promptly hired a cab.

When I left her at the hotel, she asked me for my telephone number and address. I, of course, gave it to her excitedly.

I was still in my slumber when she rang me up. I instantly came awake. That was Anasia and was asking me to meet her at Patan Durbar Square.

After that we started meeting regularly, and became good friends over the months.

However, after five months she came to me with tears in her eyes saying she had to leave Kathmandu urgently as her mother was sick. Soon after she left for Canada.

We are in touch via e-mail, but I have not been able to express my true feelings for her but I know for sure it is much more than friendship. She has given hints that perhaps she feels differently for me too. However, we have not confessed how we really feel about each other.

Just recenty she mailed me to say she is coming to Kathmandu in November to meet me. I am waiting for that day — that day when I will give a name to our unnamed relationship.