Relationships : Power of love


She smiled at me, and the day became brighter. She glanced at me, and I stood speechless.

She is someone who is naturally beautiful — that is all that I can say. One day as I sat in my garden, she came up to me and put forth her hand. Love was written on her palm. I was baffled. “It’s true, I love you,” she assured me. I couldn’t think for a while. I kept staring at her till she disappeared from my sight. Because this proposal was unanticipated, my heart was suspicious.

However, our relationship deepened and we began sharing our thoughts and secrets. My suspicions were ultimately erased. I often thanked the almighty, bragged about my fortune and said, “Yes, true love really prevails.”

Days passed and I fell deeper in love with her. She would come up to me and keep talking while I stared at her and tried to understand the essence of her beauty. My love for her grew as she advised me to do good and be good. We were lonely when we didn’t meet each other. And honestly, we never have had any kind of misunderstandings between us.

Today, when I remember myself saying that love is nonsense, I laugh at my cynicism. It’s because, now I have discerned that achievers of true love are few, and that love is a blessing for anyone who finds it. The greatest thing about true love is it that it magnifies our sensitivities and releases us of all suspicion.