True love is difficult to find, and what’s even more difficult is that it is impossible to forget one’s true love. I’d like to share the love story of a friend of mine.

He fell in love with a girl whom he had known since they were children. Everything would have been fine except that they did not belong to the same caste and nor did they follow the same religion.

Many like me will probably say that in today’s age and when one is in love, things like caste and religion cease to exist. However, it is something that we like to say, but when it come to applying it to our lives, it is difficult.

My friend and his girl had much love for each other. They shared their feelings and the joy they got from each other — I will probably never see a happier couple.

They were in love, but they knew the hardship they would face in the future.

They would often talk about their future after marriage.

Which society were they to mingle in? They would have children obviously, so which religion were their children supposed to follow?

To elope to another place was an option, but as they were students this was not an intelligent option. And there were innumerable other questions that needed to be answered before they took any drastic step.

Bringing home a daughter-in-law belonging to another caste and religion was not a good idea.

However, love is also the other name for sacrifice. True love not only knows to take, but also to give.

He was able to convince her that they were created to love each other but because of the families they were born into they could not be together for the rest of their lives.

Though they’ve parted, they have made a commitment to each other that they would love each other forever.

I believe that their love for each instead of lying forgotten somewhere, will only get stronger as the years go on.

And I pray that if God wishes, they should be together even today.