Relationships: The glass has shattered

They say love starts with a smile and ends with a tear: My love also started with his mesmerising smile and ended in my silent tears. I never wanted the stars or the moon. All that I wanted was him. But he was never destined to be in my life. It’s been months since we broke up, ended a fake relation that never was, but I am still holding on to the past — all those times I was living a lie and he was playing smart with me. I was head over heels in love with him but he never care a fig about me. I was just another crazy girl who was after him. He broke my heart twice, but I still loved him. He fed me with so many lies and I was not aware I was crushing my own heart until finally I was torn to pieces.

Months have passed but his memories still haunt me. I am lost amidst lonely nights and tear-drenched pillows. I try to let go of his memories, I try to move on but it is really difficult. Each night I pray for his presence in my heart to fade away, to have the strength to forget him and bring back the lost ‘me’. Each time I see him around, my heart skips a beat and I cannot smile. I have stopped being happy and started living with my solitude. Relationships seem to bother me and this restrains me from moving on. Nazareth sang got it right with Love Hurts. Now I know it takes away everything.

I’m trying to get over him, start a new life, but his words still hurt me. He gave me tears and pain, abandoned me and never cared to look back. I know I have to forget him, learn to say goodbye, and let go of those memories that were never true. With him, I was living a life of illusion but I know all the heartaches he gave me will remain in my memories forever.