Remembering the nightingale


Subharambha — The Musical Journey, rendered a dozen of Tara Devi’s songs at the Yala Maya Kendra on March 4 as a tribute to the singing legend.

Subharambha has been actively involved in reviving Nepali ‘modern song’ (sugam sangeet).

Sailesh, Swarup, Satya, Samal and Sapana who has joined the team are all seasoned singers who have already made their mark in the industry. They rendered Tara Devi’s songs with equal melody as the late singer had done. What was gratifying was to see singers who possess incredibly mellifluous vocal singing yesteryear’s songs.

Music aficionados believe overflow of pop and hip-hop music in the Nepali music industry has posed a confrontation to sugam sangeet. “But I strongly believe that the essence of Nepali music lies in sugam sangeet,” asserted senior composer Deepak Jungam.

Nepali music industry witnessed an unexpected surge in pop and hip-hop music after 90’s. Visual appeal of the song these days determines the popularity of a song. “I had once made up my mind to go along the trend. But when I listen to these tunes coupled with momentous lyrics and vocal honed to perfection, then I become convinced with my decision to stick to mainstream of the Nepali sugam music,” said noted lyricist Dinesh Adhikari. Tara Devi in her lifetime has sung about 4,000 of 10,000 Nepali songs recorded so far. And the country’s noted singers, musicians, composers, lyricists, litterateurs and fans were clapping for the songs she had sung long ago. Kalbhairav deserves praise for supporting the fourth series of Subharambha and keep legends alive.