Respect our teachers

Guru Purnima or Teachers’ Day is here. Let’s us just look at the history of devotion of students towards their teachers.

In ancient times, students went to their gurus to attain knowledge in their ashrams. Eklavya was a boy who belonged to the so-called untouchable caste. He had a hunger to learn the art of archery from Guru Dronacharya. But Dronacharya denied Eklavya’s request saying that he belonged to a lower caste. However, Eklavya regarded a clay model of Dronacharya as his teacher and learned the art.

‘Shraddhawan lavate gyanam’ meaning that knowledge can be gained only through devotion to teacher suits this story.

It is also said that Eklavya even sacrificed his thumb for his teacher; such was his devotion towards his teacher.

Then there is the story of a devoted student named Aruni. Once when it was raining, his guru asked him to stop the fields from being washed away. Aruni went out and since he did not have a shovel to dig the ground, he tried doing so with his hands. However, the mud got washed away within moments. Not having any option and not daring to disobey his guru’s orders, he lay down to block the water. Later, when his guru witnessed such an incident, he became greatly impressed and blessed Aruni.

The Hindu mythology is filled with examples of such devotion of students towards their teachers. Poet Kalidas, Lord Rama and Lakshaman, Lord Krishna and Sudama, Upamanyu and many other personalities had shown selfless devotion to their teachers

and had ended with good results.

Today let us keep in mind that teachers are the ones who show us the right path, who enlighten our souls and who make our life worth living. Let us all show them the respect that they truly deserve.