Retold: Stories of April 25 survivors, saviours

KATHMANDU: Nepal bore great loss — lives, heritage sites and property — in the powerful earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale on April 25 and its aftershocks. However, life is so interesting that there are astonishing stories of people cheating death even after being trapped in the debris. And there are people who are so brave as to help others without hesitation, even putting their own life in danger.

Director-journalist Ganesh Panday has captured such interesting stories of survivors and saviours in his 55-minute documentary Bhagyale Bachekaharu: Miracle Survivals in Nepal Earthquake. Rastra Kabi Madhav Prasad Ghimire released the DVD of the documentary on July 25 at Nepal Tourism Board, Exhibition Road before the charity screening of the documentary.

At the event, cash was handed over to some of the survivors and saviours featured in the documentary. Talking about the film Panday expressed, “The documentary is a way of documenting the earthquake as there are no visuals about the destruction of the earthquake of 1934.

This documentary will help those who want to know about the effects of the earthquake in Nepal.”

The documentary has woven the story of seven survivors — Priya BK, Ramesh Khatri, Sonis Awale, Babita Sedhai, Pemba Tamang, Rishi Khanal and Shivakumari Khagi. The people behind the rescue of four-month-old Awale have also been interviewed and their family were also featured in the documentary showing how these heroes fulfilled their duty towards their country giving second priority to their family.

Tamang and Khanal were rescued from debris after six and four days respectively, and it is a matter of curiosity for everyone on how they survived so long without water and food. This question is answered in the film — Tamang survived eating two bottles ghee while Khanal drank his own urine.

Then there is the story of Sedhai who happened to be talking about earthquake with her friend while looking at the view of the Valley through Dharahara. Though, many dreams have been crushed because of the earthquake, there are some who also lost their limbs. Some have not lost their hope for a better in life while a few are still in a state of limbo about their future. The documentary with many stories ends smoothly with the narration by Dipak Koirala that helps to link the stories.