RGV’s 5 lakh dare

MUMBAI: Nothing can match the confidence and optimism possessed by filmmaker named Ram Gopal Varma. For his forthcoming directorial venture Phoonk, which he says is the scariest of all his horror genre movies till date, Ramu has promised INRs 5 lakhs to anyone who is able to watch the whole movie alone in the theatre without getting out even once.

It is amusing when we think that this challenge is being offered by the filmmaker who has not been at his best in the recent times as three of his much hyped movies failed miserably. But then for Varma, right from the time he made his first movie, the recipe of success has always been just going ahead and doing what he believes in without caring for anything else.

The producer of Phoonk, Azam Khan of One More Thought Entertainment is also supporting the director in his plan to prove how much fear Phoonk can generate.