Riches invaluable

On a cold foggy December 24, we were told that we (students of Class VIII) would be taken on an educational tour to the elderly’ home at Pashupatinath.

We reached the home at around 11:30 am and slowly walked in a line towards the elderly home. As we made our way, we saw a few aged people at the entrance looking as if they had been waiting for us or for somebody else.

As we entered in the courtyard, we saw many elderly people basking in the sun. We tried talking to a few of them. A few talked with us frankly, while a few did not.

The sad faces of a few showed that they were absorbed in thinking about their bitter life.

After talking with some of them, we found out that a number of them had no one to care for them or look after them, a few had been mistreated by their children, a few had relatives who would not look after them, and a few had no children. All of them were as helpless as a fly in a spider’s web.

Each had his/her own grievance. Some expressed it, while some didn’t even try to recall it. Our hearts went out to them.

We helped them to clean the courtyard and carry firewood to the kitchen. We had brought bottles of Horlicks, which we gave them.

They received our gifts with much joy and in return blessed us a thousandfold.

Their blessings made us feel like we had received something that no one had received before. We returned feeling like the richest persons in the world.