Right to education

Education — the enlightening agent has a paramount and venerated role to play in a person’s life. It’s so because education has always helped people to open up and exhibit the talent they have. Education is the light, which differentiates good from evil, right from wrong and the like. I feel it should be made mandatory for each and every person to be educated.

This is if the person wants to lead a happier and successful life. Had it not been for education, man would no longer be called a social animal. The knowledge gained through education will remain till the last moment of your life. Be it academic education or informal/moral education, it helps a person to choose the right path to success. Educated people are wiser and more skillful than those who are ignorant and illiterate. Without education, a person, no doubt, can be compared with a frog in the well. As education brings light to the whole world, it is very vital for every person to be educated. It is the right of each and every citizen whether male or female. — Vipul Kabra, Galaxy Public School