Rimes sings of cheating scandal heartache at Sundance

LONDON: Country star Leann Rimes has turned her 2009 cheating scandal into a new heartbreak song, which she debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Monday night (25Jan10).

The Blue singer was performing at an ASCAP party when she stunned fans with an untitled new song, which she warned might "make me cry".

She added, "It's about love," before singing the tune, which included the lyrics, "What have I done?/I broke the heart of the sweetest man/What have I done?/I broke the heart of the only man who's ever loved me."

The painful song continued with the line, "Who have I become?/I hope you find someone new, someone who deserves you."

Rimes split from husband Dean Sheremet late last year (09) after an onset romance with actor Eddie Cibrian turned into a real-life one.