Rise again

Is it necessary to experience failure to understand success better? Those lauded with success will surely have a positive answer for this but it is very difficult for the losing team because the feeling of hurt remains. This reminds me of a person who felt even more badly defeated in life than Napoleon did in the Battle of Waterloo. All she did was cry and brood because she had let others and herself down. The pain was further intensified by weird thoughts that arose in her mind. Can I face others? Are they cursing me? She had given up hope and had surrendered herself to those she considered cursing her. She felt like an innocent child searching for her mother among the unknown images. She believed that God had deceived her. But with time she began to take things as they are.

Today, I admire her for who she is. To fail is ordinary but to rise once again is extra ordinary for an ordinary person. She proved that despite being ordinary she could do extraordinary thing. Now, no matter how many times she fails, she’ll rises again to become a better person, moving towards success.

— Palista Kharel, 9 B, St Mary’s School