Ritu Shrawan with Sukarma


Sukarma performed the fifth Ritu Shrawan at Gurukul on November 13. With their eight compositions based on classical tunes, they transported lovers classical music to another world for one-and-a-half hours. But their fans were not ready to let them go. They were eager to hear the group play some numbers from the previous album, which included Lokmala, meaning spreading the message of brotherhood among people, incorporating about 15 folk tunes in a single piece.

Their deusi-bhailo tune invoked in the listeners a feeling of Tihar nostalgia and hangover. Their experiment of playing Nepali folk tunes in the Western beats also got huge applause from the music enthusiasts. At the same programme, literary personality Tulsi Diwas released Sukarma’s new CD — Divine Path, which includes nine compositions. The album is dedicated to late Autul Gautam, the band’s tabla player. A part of the revenue generated from this album’s sale will go to the Autul Memorial Fund. The album is marketed by Reeyaz music.