Riya-Rushie love saga continues


Writer Salman Rushdie has invited Riya Sen to go over and spend some quality time with him. Riya, who’s thrilled to get the invitation, still has not made up her mind about going.

Riya and Rushdie were quite a twosome when Rushdie visited Mumbai in January this year, after his recent divorce from Padma Lakshmi. Rushdie had

spent almost an entire night with Riya at the nightclub Aurus (Juhu), talking about fashion and films.

Riya and Rushdie have been in regular touch ever since Rushdie went back to New York, where he lives for the most part of the year. When he was in India, he spoke to Riya on the phone almost daily and they met on a couple of occasions too, after the night at Aurus.

A friend of Riya says, “Riya and Rushdie are in constant touch on the email and over the phone.”

Riya keeps him updated about the films she signs, her shows and her work in general, while Rushdie, who travels between London and New York, writes to her about his travels and latest experiences. All her friends know that she really finds his mails and conversation interesting, and looks forward to his calls and letters.

Riya’s friend says, “Well, the invitation has come only recently. So, Riya has still made no plans. Let’s see…”

When contacted, Riya said, “Yes, I have been invited. Rushdie and I are in regular touch.” — Agencies