Rochelle Wiseman's chicken legs

LOS ANGELES: The Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman hates her body and particularly dislikes her ''chicken drumstick'' thighs.

Rochelle Wiseman thinks her thighs are like "chicken drumsticks".

The 20-year-old Saturdays singer insists she has imperfections and admits she is not very confident with her body because she dislikes her legs so much.

She said: "My thighs are my worst bit. You know when a chicken drumstick is big and then goes quite small... they're like that!"

Despite watching what she eats, Rochelle struggles to motivate herself to go to the gym and resorts to clever dressing to make herself look slimmer.

She said: "I wear black and just put a waist belt on! I joined the gym, but I hardly go. I get really bored in the actual gym itself, so I like to go swimming. When I'm older I might consider Botox, but it's nice to grow old gracefully."

Rochelle is not the only member of the group to feel uncomfortable with her appearance.

Frankie Sandford, 20, said there were parts of her body she hated too, especially her "legs, bum and thighs" but she tries not to focus on them, and has hired a personal trainer to help improve her figure.

She said: "Lately I've been trying to exercise with a trainer, but it's almost impossible with our schedule. So I've been running around the field in the morning with the dogs."