Rockstar Saif

MUMBAI: Lately Saif Ali Khan has started to get the strong urge to perform more and be a better guitarist. The Rock For Charity concert organised recently in Mumbai in which he also played with Parikrama, could not have come at a better time in the actor’s life.

The injury to his fingers caused due to playing the guitar after a long time and the experience has instilled a new longing in his mind to practice his guitar frequently and after talking with some players from other bands, Saif has decided to hone his guitar skills by playing in small venues.

This renewed interest and thrill to really become a good rock guitarist has come as a god send gift for Saif who has been offered the lead role in a film to be directed by Imtiaz Ali titled RockStar.

He says rock music is about a lot of attitude. More than just playing with an attitude, it’s a way of thinking and he needs to be more true to the music.

Saif also adds that it’ easy to call any star a rockstar but it more than your lifestyle as it about being able to live your life the way you want.