Rox turns three

Himalayan News Service


The Rox Restaurant and bar at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu celebrated its third anniversary on February 7. The Rox bar was entrance free for all with live music and DJ sessions. “We want the people to have fun. We had music since 2 pm in the afternoon till 2 am in the morning,” said Jyoti Pradhan, PR officer Hyatt Regency.

The Cloudwalkers, the in-house band that plays at Rox bar had been playing since the afternoon. With the DJ taking over while they took breaks, Rox had a very relaxed atmosphere. The Cloudwalkers then took over and began playing popular numbers like “Sweet Child o’mine”, ‘Highway Star”, “Smoke on the Waters”, “Musu musu” and more. As the evening wore on, the people were taking to the dance floor and really enjoying the weekend.

Rox has grown popular amongst the youth of Kathmandu. A place to chill out on weekends, Fridays is the most popular day in the bar. Besides the bar, Rox also has a restaurant with an open kitchen that is interactive. It has an in-house DJ and The Cloudwalkers play live music on select days of the week.

Since its inception, Rox created a certain standard for entertainment. In the three years that it has been in operation, Rox has also made a mark with its unique interiors and island bar.