Ryder: 'I wasn't jealous of Jolie’s Oscar win'

LONDON: Winona Ryder was hurt by reports she was jealous of Angelina Jolie's girl, interrupted Oscar win - because she always knew her co-star would win gold at the Academy Awards.

The two actresses played mental patients in the 1999 film, and Ryder, who also produced the film, insists there were no hard feelings when Jolie was nominated and then went on to win gold for Best Supporting Actress.

She tells Black Book magazine, "I was hurt that people thought that. Everyone assumed I was really jealous because I thought this would be my vehicle.

"We said from the very beginning that the actress who played Lisa (Jolie's part) would probably win an Oscar, because it was the big, great, showy part. I fought very hard for her (Jolie) to have that part."

But Ryder admits she never really got to know Jolie during the making of the film and the actress has never thanked her for jumpstarting her career and helping her land an Oscar.

Ryder adds, "It won't read in print very nicely if I say that wasn't really her style. But she seems to be a completely different person now."