Sa Karnali to be released today


Kiran Shrestha’s second documentary Sa Karnali is being released on October 6, according to a nepa~laya press release.

The film follows the making of the music video of Nepathya’s number Sa Karnali and stars music video director Bhusan Dahal, Nepathya frontman Amrit Gurung and Thinle of Caravan fame.

According to Shrestha, the film may simply sound like a film based on the making of the music video – but there is a parallel story of Dolpa. Some part of Dolpa culture, lifestyle, the mind blowing landscape and the art of music video making incorporated in the film.

As this is a theatre release, the film will be screened at Kumari Cinema during all regular show hours till October 8, and will be screened during the evenings from October 9-12.

(For details, call 4442220, or 5542646, 5552839)