Asin Thottumkal  Source: Agencies

Asin Thottumkal Source: Agencies

MUMBAI: Dreams do come true. And if your dreams have to do with Salman Khan, chances of them turning into reality are not far-fetched. After all, ‘Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta’ Salman had delivered in his recent release, Wanted. Being a man of words, Salman is all set to make Kolkata’s dream of catching him live and
uninterrupted on October 23.

S Chakravarty, the CMD of the company that is marketing Wanted and London Dreams, says, “Not only do we want to give Kolkata a peek into Salman’s latest outing, this would be the best opportunity to celebrate the success of Wanted.”

Incidentally, the earlier football match event at the Mohammedan Sporting Club on September 26 had to be cancelled for security reasons. “The entire Wanted team had entered the football ground in their jerseys. But the crowd went berserk with enthusiasm. Instead of the 20,000 capacity, the turnout was nearly 40,000. Salman and the rest of the team had to be whisked away for security reasons. There was no question of him returning to the grounds,” reminisces Chakravarty.

Later, he convinced Salman about the commitment he had made to his Kolkata fans and the actor readily consented. The expected turnout, this time around, would be close to 90,000. “Salman and Asin will be coming to the city. Ajay Devgn was also expected, but nothing has been finalised yet,” reveals Chakravarty. Meanwhile, Salman will also be dressed keeping in mind the look of his character in LD.

In keeping with the theme of LD, which is about what the protagonist faces in order to fulfil his dreams, the promoters have zeroed in on a local talent, who will get to perform in front of the stars. “There is a surprise performance of a young Kolkata guy with a rock
band of his own,” Chakravarty says.

If Salman is in town, can his fans not expect a performance from the star? “It’s a two-hour long show. Of course, Salman will be performing and we also have dancers accompanying him. In fact, don’t be surprised if you catch Salman breaking into a jig to a medley of Wanted tracks,” continues Chakravarty, adding that Salman will be interacting with the audience during the course of the show too.

More surprises are in store what with the Wanted star planning to deliver his opening greeting in Bangla apart from using a couple of Banglia words during his interactions. The grand finale will have the LD artistes on stage. They’ll field questions from the audience and finally, break into a jig.

It’s about time for Kolkata to start dreaming too!