Salman hikes fees to outdo Akshay

MUMBAI: Katrina Kaif is not the only cause of rivalry between Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, money contention also adds fuel to already existing red-hot fire. The grapevine says that Sallu has hiked his fees again to ensure that he earns more than Akki.

A source revealed that when Studio 18 approached Salman for a film he wanted to know how much Akshay was getting. And when he heard that Akshay was getting Rs 40 crores, he instantly hiked his fees to Rs 50 crore.

Earlier, Salman had issues when he heard that he was being paid less than Akshay for hosting a TV show. Reportedly, Akshay was being paid Rs 1.5 crore per episode to host a whopper for the desi Fear Factor while poor Sallu was paid just Rs 90 crore for 100 episodes. Salman threw a tantrum, stalled the shooting till his pay was made Rs 104 crore for 100 episodes.

It seems that Salman wants to prove that he is better than Akshay. Akshay may be courting success these days and Salman may be giving flop after flop, but that does not deter Salman to quote a price higher than his rival. After all he also has to impress girlfriend Katrina!