Salman makes Mallika a chapatti

MUMBAI: It turned out to be a brainteaser for both of them to get the answers right. Between beauty and brawn, the brain seemed to take the back seat but who cares.

When Mallika revealed that she is taking cooking classes and offered to cook a meal for both the men, Salman Khan quickly rolled up his sleeves and got into action. He asked for some dough and rolling pin and rolled out a neat chapatti while Mallika struggled to get hers right. Not wanting to be left out of the fun Vijender joined in but only ended up making Salman’s roti look like a boxing shorts!

The two Haryanvis, who live an hour away from each other back home, were very comfortable in each other’s company. The good-looking Vijender is not just a boxing champ but is also a DSP with Haryana Police. One hell of a cop he is, for he can sing, and serenade like he did to Mallika.

Before the girls get any ideas he revealed that he is no longer an eligible bachelor. He is booked ... Mallika revealed that she is strictly single and told the audience so is Salman she heard! “No” was Salman’s spontaneous reaction! That is a truthful confession one must say. This episode with Mallika Sherawat and Vijendra Singh is fun, laughter and masti and Salman Khan like never before!