Salman’s midnight ride

MUMBAI: Salman Khan seems to have a wild streak for sure. Recently, he surprised his ladylove Katrina by an unusual ride in the middle of the night.

The lovers dined at the chic Olive restaurant well past midnight during the weekend and when they walked out after 1 am, Salman decided to try his hand at driving.

He picked up an auto-rickshaw from the street and the driver was more than happy to hand over his keys to the actor. Salman zoomed across the deserted streets of Mumbai followed by Katrina and the auto-driver in his car.

This was not Salman’s first ride in the three-wheeler. Having done it a couple of times in the past as well, the superstar has by now acquired a good control over the vehicle. Katrina must have been amused by her beau’s midnight adventure, but it’s the rickshaw driver who must have been the most thrilled after having sat shoulder-to-shoulder in a car with Asia’s sexiest woman.