Saluting our gurus

Gurur Bramha Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo MaheshworaGuru Sakchyat Parabramha Tasmai

Shrre Gurave Namah

I have been hearing this Sanskrit hymn at my home since my childhood days. When I asked my father about the meaning of this sloka, he said that Guru (teacher) is God and I bow to the teacher.

I realised then tha teachers are those persons who make our dreams come true, and hence are persons of great honour and respect.

We all know that teachers are our guides and mentors. With their help we can swim in the ocean of knowledge without any fear of drowning. I have found that many students are scared of teachers and always hesitate to speak with them, but I have never felt this hesitation and fear.

My sister is a teacher and she tells me that teaching is a difficult job till you develop a sense of identifying the problems of a student. After you identify it, everything goes on smoothly. I admire a teacher who can properly diagnose the problem of a student and decide on the right treatment.

I want teachers to be kind, friendly and strict. I do not like a teacher who sticks to the course book while teaching. I enjoy my lessons more when the teacher intersperses it with examples from present day situations and facts.

My humble pranam to all my gurus who have worked so hard to bring me to this stage of my knowledge.