Samba at Everest

Rabindra Pokharel


Nature, life, love and happiness is where the source of her inspiration lies. Mathasia, the sizzling Brazilian DJ is all set to get the crowd rocking at Hotel Everest. “ My house was one of those houses, always bursting with parties and guests and we’d have lotsa fun and music. I breathe music and that’s what gives me life”, she says. Mathasia expects that she’d make it the best New Year eve in Kathmandu. She started as a professional DJ four years back but she’s always had this precocious gift for the perfect choice of music.

“I’m here because Bipin Dewan has brought me here and also because I wanted to be in this country of the Majestic Himalayas,” she says. Petergun, Opus, Feneruque and Hennes are among her favourite musicians. She feels that she’s first a dancer because that’s what she does while trying to mix her favourite tracks and giving the best of her to the audiences. She’d begin around 11:30 and play combinations of progressive house, tech house, break beats and funky house. “I forget everything while I’m Djing and it’s the biggest passion in my life. I play the music that makes you fly higher, that forces you to rock the floor” she says.