Sanju looks forward to walking free


Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is keenly looking forward to walking free after 16 days at the Yerawada Jail during which period he earned a total of IRs 204 working as a carpenter.

When Asim Farode, a human rights activist and a lawyer, met Dutt in the prison on August 20 morning, the actor innocently asked him, “Aap ko pakka lagta hai ki main chhoot jaoonga?” (Are you sure I will be released?)

Dutt, according to Farode, also expressed his readiness to take part in a rehabilitation programme in Yerawada jail.

The Supreme Court on Monday granted interim bail to Dutt, jailed for six years for illegally receiving guns from terrorists involved in the 1993 Mumbai bombings.

Dutt is expected to be released after the Supreme Court order is submitted and certified before a Mumbai court and then passed on to jail authorities. The process may take until late Tuesday.

Farode said that Dutt had been working as a carpenter in the jail earning IRs 12.74 a day and that his total earnings so far had accumulated to IRs 204.