Satellite and your channel

KATHMANDU: Image Channel went satellite from February 17. The channel that began its journey from a one-and-half-hour time slot from Nepal Television in 2052 BS, it has become a 24-hour satellite channel that can be viewed across countries in Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.

“We have been receiving overwhelming feedbacks from the viewers of different parts of the world which is really encouraging,” said Nirmal Pradhananga, chief engineer. The signal of the channel has been beamed through Global Beam APSTAR 10 Satellite, an American satellite as it has wider coverage compared to any other satellite that Nepali TV channels use.

“While there is a limited market in terrestrial transmission, it was also my compulsion to go into satellite for wider coverage,” said RK Manandhar, chairman and MD of the channel. Terrestrial Image Channel that went to air only last year has been broadcasting for the Valley separately. Besides, the channel also possesses Image FM 97.9 broadcasting station that has coverage of almost half of the country. “I am not just a dreamer, I try my level best to achieve what I can,” proudly said Manandhar.

Going into satellite means wider coverage, quality as well as clarity in image. Entertainment has been the strength of the channel. It will also focus on news- and entertainment-based programmes from musical shows, TV serials, talk shows as well as interactive shows