Saying thanks


Thanking another for their contribution is always a good thing to do — both for the host and the target person. Following this theory, Radisson Hotel organised its yearly cocktail reception for its stakeholders on November 17. The evening, starting from 6.30 pm, saw a steady inflow of guests.

At the entrance itself, a line of hotel staff greeted every visitor with smiling faces, and a gracious handshake. Apart from the delectable dishes, a classical music performance by Sangeet Sagar in the first half, and an amazing session by DJ Saakar in the second, were also a treat.

Named ‘The Booker’s Party’, it comprised around 250 guests, mainly the hotel’s

corporate clients, embassies and non-governmental organisations.

“Every year we organise the party to please our corporate clients. It is a relationship building occasion for us. A thank-you party, so to say,” shared Ranju Man Pradhan, Director, Sales and Marketing of the hotel.