Scent of Big B

MUMBAI: Director Ram Gopal Varma’s discovery Jiah Khan, making her debut in Nishabd, shocked her co-star Amitabh Bachchan by guessing the names of his perfumes and colognes just by smelling them.

According to Jiah, Amitabh has an amazing collection of cologne. He would sport a new brand every day during the shooting of Nishabd. She would smell it once and instantly tell Amitabh the brand name.

Initially, Amitabh would think that it was just mere guesswork. But when Jiah started doing it regularly, he was taken aback and suspected that she was going through his toiletries kit.

Jiah had done a stint in a perfume factory and has a good nose for perfumes. She can recognise any famous brand of perfume or cologne just by smelling it once.