SCHOOL TIMES : ...and for some laughs

Teacher: Ramesh, what is the capital of China?

Ramesh: I don’t know, sir.

Teacher: Stand on your bench.

Ramesh: Why sir? Will I be able to see the capital of China from there?

Teacher: Mumtaz point out Iraq on the map of the world?

Mumtaz: It’s here near Iran.

Teacher: Correct. Tell me who is the founder of Iraq.

Mumtaz: Me.

There was a competition between countries for the most bored person of the world, and a Nepali was one of the participants.

Announcer: Are you all ready?

Participants: Yes.

Announcer: All those who are feeling bored, raise your hands.

All the participants raise their hands except the Nepali.

Announcer: Aren’t you bored? Why haven’t you raised your hand?

Nepali: Because I am too bored to even raise one finger.

Guess who?

The poor have two

The rich have none

Millions have one and you

have one too.

What am I?

I come once in June

Twice in August

But not in September

And I come once to visit you.

What am I?

I am not a tree, but have leaves

I do not have a shirt, but I am sewn together

I have no tongue, but I tell tales.

Who am I?

I have no legs, but I can move

I have no eyes, but I can go

correctly on my way

Everyone hits me.

Who am I?

Sent in by Afjal Ansari, Class VIII A, VS Niketan, Kathmandu