SCHOOL TIMES : Beauty of friendship

I believe friendship is the most beautiful relationship of all relationships. Even God thought of giving Adam a companion.

Life is full of sorrow as well as happiness. People cannot keep all their feelings and experiences within one’s self. S/He needs a friend to console and share problems with or to just have fun with. Thus, friendship has proved to be a relationship that persons of every age need.

Teenage is the one of the best times in a person’s life. It would not be pleasant if we had to live this glorious period without friends. There is great importance of friendship in a teen’s life. Sometimes we rely on friends more than our parents. I feel our friends understand us much better than anybody else.

Friendship acts as strength. It helps us choose the right path. It gives power to do certain things. It gives us hope and an assurance that there’s someone who cares for us. — Prabin Maharjan, Class 10, Gyan Shikha School