SCHOOL TIMES : Chance called life

Life is not just party and pleasure. It is also pain and sorrow. Unthinkable things do happen. Sometimes, everything turns upside down. There is happiness and sorrow at the same time. There are good and bad, dark and bright sides to life. We cannot control all things that happen in our lives. But we can however think of ways to deal with them. So is the case with me.

I am Ngawang Tenzin and I was born in Dho-Tarap. Every year we shift to lower Dolpa as in the winter it gets really cold.

One unfortunate day when everything was going smoothly, my father, the only earning member in our family, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 45. But now the cancer is cured and my father is okay.

When I was hardly eight, my mother and sister decided to send me to a school called Crystal Mountain Sch-ool, run by a project called Action Dolpo, which has its main office in France. Marie C Gentric is the president of this project.

When I was in class VII, I got the golden opportunity to study in a school in Kathmandu where I am still studying. The project Action Dolpo provides everything for me. I am really happy in my school.

— Ngawang Tenzin, Class VIII, Crystal Mountain School