SCHOOL TIMES : Confidence boosting friend

A year ago I was too scared. I was too frightened of people. Whenever I was given a chance to talk or perform in the crowd, I usually fainted or ran away. I was actually like a freak and clumsy in front of a crowd. I used to get so nervous that sometimes I even forgot my name which was unusual and silly. Everyone would laugh at my act. I used to babble in front of the class, rostrum and so on. I never had courage to participate in debates or singing or dancing or even read my answers from the copy. Due to this behaviour I never found a friend who could support and encourage me.

It wasn’t very long ago when I found a treasure in my life and that was my true friend. She was totally awesome and marvellous. Sarah was a new girl at school and was totally perfect in everything. She gave hundred percent in whatever she did. When we became friends my life took a drastic change. She encouraged me where my other classmates made joke out of me. She taught me not to care about others, just to do my best in everything. She taught me to give all my heart and soul in every work which I was always too scared to do. Soon, I started giving answers in the class even if it was wrong because our teachers were always there to guide us. In the same way I even participated in some competition where I didn’t stand at the first position but Sarah praised me saying that I did my best. Nevertheless, I stood first in a quiz where I worked extremely hard and followed Sarah’s advice, “God helps those who help themselves,” which is true.

Actually, facing crowd is not that much difficult if we just have confidence in ourselves and don’t care what others comment on us. Though for some it can takes, time like me. But we should remember that “Where there is will there is always a way.” I got a true and best friend Sarah. I guess friends are the treasures of ones life, who love us and encourage us like our parents. I want Sarah to know I will always stick to her and so will she because we are best buddies forever.

— Divya Bhusal, Class X, St Mary’s High School