SCHOOL TIMES : Day at the zoo

My name is Ishan Bhattarai. I am six-years-old. I live in Purnachandi, Lalitpur. I study in Class 1 at Gyan Shikha Boarding High School.

My school organised a visit to central zoo at Jawalakhel on November 10. We went there with my teachers. There were 60 students from Classes I-III. We went there at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Our class teacher Maya maam told us to write the names of the animals and birds we see there. So, I wrote their names in my science copy.

I have gone to the zoo many times with my Baba and Mamu, but I enjoyed this visit with my friends and teachers more. I saw many animals. I saw crocodile, deer, mouse, elephant, rhinoceros, hippo, bear, leopard, tiger, fish, jungle cat, tortoise and many others. I saw many birds like parrot, bulbul, ostrich, danphe, duck, owl, crane and vulture.

We ate many food items there. I had taken chips, noodles and juice. Our teachers gave us banana and biscuits. We also played many games there.

— Ishan Bhattarai,

Class I, Gyan Shikha

Boarding High School