SCHOOL TIMES : Dreams of an armchair

Hi everyone! I am a young armchair that provides comfort. Many regard me as a piece of lifeless furniture which might come in handy sometimes. But, please, I want to be treated better than that.

I spend my whole day supporting mostly lazy and good for nothing humans but sometimes I have proud moments when great persons relax on me. That is the only moment in which I don’t regret being an armchair. At night, I am tired and wish to at least stretch my limbs but they are all pinned tightly so I cannot even dream of moving it. I feel very cold as the winter season arrives, but does anybody care? They don’t even bother to cover me no matter how cold I feel.

 I want to live my life sometimes, hangout like every other child does. But I will never get a chance, will I, ever? I am desperate. I work all day without any salary and care. I mean this is totally child labour, like having an under-14 year old child work. I am 12 years old and tell me, don’t I deserve freedom? I am only a child, but people consider me as an old chair. This is not fair, is it?

Now I have begun counting my days till I am thrown away in a heap of rubbish. Don’t get sentimental; in fact, be happy for me. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to meet some of my friends in the garbage. Then I’ll be free and no one will be able to stop me. Thus, everything that happens, happens for the best. So, don’t loose your hopes people, god is watching over everyone and if one door is closed another surely will be opened!

— Sambhawana

Bhandari, Class 9,

Daffodil Public School