SCHOOL TIMES : Game of uncertainty

Cricket is a game of uncertainty. Earlier it was dominated by England, and as time progressed West Indies ruled the cricketing world. But in the 1980’s, it was dominated by India. However, the Australians have been the kings of the pitch for quite some time now. Why is cricket a game of uncertainty? Because a country like Bangladesh, that has just begun its cricketing career, was able to beat monarch of cricket — Australia.

Here are some interesting cricket facts.

• Indian’s best first wicket partnership is 413 runs made by VH Mankad and Pankaj Roy (vs New Zealand).

• Jim Laker of England took 19 wickets in a test match (vs Australia).

• Don Bradman has the best test batting average of 99.94.

• Pakistan has won two ODI matches by hitting six in the last ball.

• India’s Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s 183-not-out is the highest individual score by a wicket-keeper batsman in an ODI match (vs Srilanka).

• TJ Matthews of Australia has achieved hat-trick in both innings of a test match (vs England in 1992). — Pandey, Class VIII, Nightingale International B School, Kathmandu