SCHOOL TIMES : Great fun at THT food fest

It was a food extravaganza at the International Food Festival organised by The Himalayan Times at BICC on November 3. As my parents are very interested in trying out new cuisines, we always go to this fest every year. I enjoyed the festival with my friends rather than with my parents this time.

We had already planned that we’d all will meet at BICC. The food stalls were marvellous with so many mouth-watering dishes. We started with the Japanese ‘Sushi’. I recommend everyone to taste it as it has a different taste. Then we decided to go for Thai food because I simply love the spicy Pad Thai Noodles. However, my friends went for Tom yam Soup.

We were also very

excited to see so many foreign dignitaries. I saw them tasting the dishes at different stalls.

I even got my sketch done at a stall and played dart. As I am in the school basketball team, I went for the free shot and won a gift hamper, which I gave my dad.

For us the most memorable part was the concert. We all jumped and screamed along with the crowd. Preeti Kaur and Ciney Gurung rocked the crowd. My friends are hip-hop lovers so we stayed until Madzone and Nepsydaz performed. We even had our arms and hands autographed by Yogeshwor Amatya.

We loved the event so much that we didn’t feel like leaving the place. When I reached home I had chicken biryani, which my mother had brought for me from the fest. I am looking forward to the next food fest.

— Sugam Thing, Class X, VS Glorious English Medium School, Thapathali