SCHOOL TIMES : Hole in ozone layer

The ozone hole is an area in the ozone layer of the earth’s where the amount of ozone has been reduced so much that harmful radiation from the sun can pass through it. This hole in the earth’s atmosphere has been as large as 29 million sq-km.

The skies over the Arctic and Europe have occasionally lost up to 30 per cent of their ozone protection. Without the protection of the ozone layer’s natural sunscreen, UV radiation increases on the earth’s surface resulting in consequent rise in skin cancer and immune system weakness.

Plants, animals, in fact, the entire biosphere are damaged. Scientists have been warning that the accumulation of refrigerator, coolants in air conditioners, foams and solvents have been spreading their lethal damage.

Scientists estimate that the ozone hole will start to close by 2010 and could be entirely repaired in the next 50 years.

People are not aware of the ozone hole. We have to protect the earth and its inhabitants by stopping environmental deterioration, and to solve this problem awareness is needed. We really have to think and act now, otherwise a serious problem looms ahead of us. — Ranish Timilsina, Class VI, VS GEMS, Kathmandu